Daily meals for the workplace of the future.

Safe, individually customized, sealed and labelled meals. Delivered to your desk.

As we look forward to the return to work, flexibility, and safety are top of mind. Our services provide ease of use and ease of mind. While the new normal dictates the necessity of individually packaged meals. We call this business as usual, we have built our company on individualization, ditching trays and communal food offerings years ago.

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Catering, an industry due for an upgrade.

An industry that has never seen change is due for meaningful disruption. Technology and modernization have yet to make an impact on the world of catering. Until now.

By empowering restaurants with the tools and technology they need to become caterers, we are able to increase their order volume and realize our goal of supporting local businesses. For our clients and customers, we make it possible for them to order from and enjoy a large variety of food from their favourite local restaurants, and not the same caterer, every day.

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Canada's Top New Growth List 2020

Proudly listed as one of Canada’s fastest growing startups by Canadian Business magazine.

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Word on the Street

5 stars

hungerhub has been essential for us since we opened, especially right now during Covid, hungerhub has been showing us so much support, bringing in so many new customers, we can only be thankful.

Casa Tropical Restaurant

5 stars

This is such a great idea. Nice way for offices to offer a lunch option without it having to be just one place they get food from. I love that there are two to three places to choose from and everyone can get what they want, modify it how they like and get excited about whats for lunch. Their service is always excellent. They get back to you quickly if there are issues and are very professional and warm. Highly suggest!

Kat Jovey

5 stars

Love Hungerhub! There is always something for everyone on the menu selections. The food is fresh which is not always possible with catered meals. As well, the turn-around time between order and delivery is incredibly fast.

Lois Van Koughnet

5 stars

Great idea to have your meals delivered to your workplace. Love the idea that on a Sunday I can pick my meals for the up coming week and just forget about it and wait for my deliveries. I play a game with myself to see if I can remember what I ordered through the week. If I can't remember I can look it up and if I want to make a change I can before 10:30am the day of delivery, Brilliant!!!

Mark Litman

Working at hungerhub

hungerhub’s diverse team has a passion for bringing positive change to the catering industry. By providing the best food to our happy customers by combining technology and going above and beyond with customer care. We want to change the catering industry, and have fun doing it too!

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    Flexible Work

    Work from the office, your home, or a coworking space close to home.

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    results driven

    Quality of our work is what matters, and how that translates into happy customers.

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    Uncatered free lunch

    Working from the office, take advantage of what we do best, office food delivery!

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    Education fund

    We contribute up to $10k per year to pursue continuing education at any Canadian University or College.

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    Happy hours

    Be it virtually or on a sunny patio, we love to come together to unwind and have some fun.

images of the team
images of the team

Meet our Team

  • faisal profile pic

    Faisal Kanji


    Fav lunch: Fish & Chips

  • rohan profile pic

    Rohan Jayasekera


    Fav lunch: Chirashi

  • sari profile pic

    Sari Abdo


    Fav lunch: Power Bowls

  • Aashi profile pic

    Aashi Richhariya

    UI/UX Designer

    Fav lunch: Soup & Salad

  • Ahmad profile pic

    Ahmad Saleem

    Back End Developer

    Fav lunch: Chapli Kebab

  • amy profile pic

    Amy Armstrong

    Account Manager

    Fav lunch: BBQ Chicken Roti

  • catherine profile pic

    Catherine Namata

    Customer Success Specialist

    Fav lunch: thinking...

  • Desiree profile pic

    Desiree Kotnala

    Restaurant Success Manager

    Fav lunch: Tacos

  • jel profile pic

    Jel Garcia

    Restaurant Support Specialist

    Fav lunch: Chicken Adobo

  • jessie profile pic

    Jessie Garcia

    Operations Support Manager

    Fav lunch: Seafood

  • joel profile pic

    Joel Boily

    Growth & Expansion Manager

    Fav lunch: Tikka Masala

  • lucas profile pic

    Lucas Boers

    Operations Manager

    Fav lunch: Doubles

  • maria profile pic

    Maria Katrina

    Customer Success Specialist

    Fav lunch: California Maki

  • michael profile pic

    Michael Sulit

    Operations Support Specialist

    Fav lunch: Ramen

  • Miguel profile pic

    Miguel Ocampo Gooding

    Software Developer

    Fav lunch: Poke Bowls

  • mike profile pic

    Mike O'kelly

    Director of Operations

    Fav lunch: Chicken Parmesan

  • nick profile pic

    Nick Peciak

    Customer Success Manager

    Fav lunch: Pierogies

  • rushabh profile pic

    Rushabh Parekh

    Software Developer

    Fav lunch: Pho

  • sudeep profile pic

    Sudeep Sajeevkumar Nair

    Software Developer

    Fav lunch: Biriyani

  • zaina profile pic

    Zaina Nabulsi

    Delivery Team Lead

    Fav lunch: Ramen