Karibu: delivery as a service

Logistics & delivery services for bulk orders made easy

Goods we deliver

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    Catering Orders
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    Meal-kits and Grocery Boxes
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    D2C Alcohol

Logistics & delivery services for bulk orders made easy

One to one delivery

Great for large advance orders that are being delivered to a single customer

We take the worry out of making your order fit with one person or making multiple trips. If the order size is too large for one person we will send multiple people to ensure no time is wasted with a driver needing to go back and forth.

One to many delivery

Have orders going to multiple drop offs?

Stop worrying about scheduling and route optimization. Our delivery people will pick up all orders at once and we'll make sure they are delivered based on your customers expectations.

Last minute delivery

Last Minute Delivery Service for orders with less than 48 hours notice

We understand the needs of your customers can rapidly change. That's why we offer last minute delivery service to make sure you offer your customers the best experience.

Let's cut to the chase, let's start delivering together

The Karibu advantage

Focus on your business

With Karibu's delivery as a service you are able to focus on attracting more clients and creating a product your customers will love, while we take care of planning for, and delivering it to them.

Keep your clients

Manage the relationship with your clients who order directly from you, and rely on us for the delivery. We work behind the scenes: this way you keep your clients, and we help you keep them happy.

Reduce costs

Inefficient delivery and unpredictable demand causes unforeseen costs when managing your own delivery people or when using an inexperienced or over-priced delivery partner.

Track your order

Stay up to date and hold us accountable. Know what to expect from us and track status of all your shipments, and offer the same to your clients.

Rely on the best

Karibu delivery people are the heart of hungerhub's internal operations and have been successfully delivering meals to our clients and for our restaurant partners for years.

Flat fee structure

Simple flat fee pricing so you don't negotiate rates with drivers or third parties nor pay based on order value.

Why it works

Features Karibu delivery Third party delivery In-house delivery
Hiring Drivers Carefully screened to ensure they are capable of meeting our delivery standards Will take anyone with access to a car and license Constant carousel of hiring, training and managing temporary workers
Driver Professionalism All drivers are equipped with tools to ensure a safe and smooth delivery Drivers may not be prepared for bulk orders You will need to provide drivers with the tools needed to move your product
Driver Punctuality All drivers arrive 10 minutes prior to requested time Drivers are often online on several delivery and ride-sharing apps at the same time, leading to unexpected delays in both pickups from your locations and drop off to your clients Constantly and manually call to ask for and get updates on ETA
Scheduling Delivery 16 hour notice prior to pick up through online portal 48 hour notice through call center or online portal Constant calls to roster of delivery people or reduce in house production capacity by sending employees to delivery
Route Management Completely hands off - based on our advanced software and expert human oversight we ensure optimal efficiency Flat fee plus commission depending on notice Paying for drivers when no delivery is available or having to pay higher rate to make up for lack of demand
Delivery Costs Simple flat fee pricing  Inflexible software only optimization leads to routes that don't fit your needs Time consuming manual process that leads to both cost and delivery inefficiency
Live Support Direct access to the operations manager responsible for overseeing your delivery Valuable time wasted going through intermediaries or your own client to relay information to the delivery person Constant loop of communicating delivery details to delivery person and following up to ensure completion