Uneatable™ NFTs

A marketplace connecting you with local artists for unique, individually commissioned, digital art.

Repurposing our existing Uncatering™ platform - one that connects offices with local restaurants for customized, `made just for you` daily lunches delivered at work.

Uneatable™ is a marketplace for individually curated and `made just for you`digital art, showcasing local, up and coming artists.

paperbag nft

One of a kind. Made just for you.

Browse local artist portfolios, connect and commission curated unique digital art, made specifically for you and minted as an NFT.

Non-fungible tokens are effectively unique tokens designed to represent a single asset. NFT tokenization has become the gold standard for attributing blockchain ownership to digital art and other collectibles. Digital art can be easily and endlessly duplicated, but non-fungible tokens allow buyers to confirm ownership.

The Uneatable marketplace makes it easy for buyers to peruse an artists’ work and place an individually commissioned illustration made to their specifications, and an easy avenue for artists to showcase their work and create a market for their unique and custom illustrations.

food nfts