In March, the hungerhub team made the difficult decision to put our business on hold as the Covid-19 pandemic took hold of our region.  We knew it would only be for a limited time but watching our restaurant partners struggle with the new normal was not easy.  

While we were closed for orders and put our deliveries on hold, we worked hard behind the scenes to create a new experience for our clients and our restaurant partners, knowing that when we are back, we would be better than ever. We overhauled our website, built user-friendly apps (iOS & Android) based on feedback we’ve received over the years - and we put in place new policies and guidelines that follow the recommendations set out by The World Health Organization and the Government of Canada, to ensure the health and safety of our clients, partners and drivers.  

Now that we’re back, we want to let you know of the additional measures that we’re taking to make sure that you have peace of mind - and that we offer the best and safest solution for office food delivery:

1. Elimination of Self-Serve Meals
All meals, along with optional cutlery and condiments will be individually wrapped and sealed by our pre-screened restaurant partners.  We will no longer provide meals shared or catering formats. No trays, no huddling around open containers of food.

2. Trained in-house delivery team (no third parties)
When you’ve ordered food at the office, have you ever wondered who actually is delivering the food? At hungerhub we train and hire our own in-house delivery team, which means higher standards and a better experience for you. During this time, delivery personnel will be required to wear face protection at all times when handling packages.  Hand washing or sanitizer must be used before and after each delivery and vehicles will be regularly sanitized.

3. Contactless & Staggered Delivery
All deliveries will be completed using predetermined drop-off locations and picture verification.  For larger clients, we will be staggering drop-off times to prevent any overcrowding.

Visit our COVID-19 response page for regular updates and if you have any questions please contact our team.

Eat well at work, know you’re in good hands, and stay safe!