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Order your lunch by 10:30am from your city's best restaurants and have it delivered to your office. Every day.

If you’re getting lunch at work, you should be getting your meals exactly the way you want them – based on your preferences and customized to your liking, delivered in a sealed package with your name on it.

Are you the one responsible for managing food or catering solutions at your workspace or for your team?

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    fully customized

    Customize your meal from the restaurant of your choice based on available options; such as size, protein choice, and add-ons. Enter special instructions such as “No onions” or “Dressing on the side” and indicate any allergies that need special attention.

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    Individually Packaged

    Your meal arrives in a sealed package with your name on it, so that you don’t have to share serving utensils or scoop food out of a tray. No one touches your food but you.

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    Delivered to your office

    Track your delivery in real time, and rest assured that your food is arriving on time and delivered by hungerhub’s own team following contactless delivery guidelines.

My office orders food on a regular basis, how is Uncatering™ different?

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    No more trays

    No more huddling over an open food counter waiting in line to use the same utensil to scoop food onto your plate.

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    No mark-ups on price

    We charge you what restaurants charge their diners, so you get more bang for your buck

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    No no-name restaurants

    Choose from your city’s best restaurants. Not from “ghost kitchens” or invisible caterers you can’t find on google

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    No compromise on allergy or dietary requirements

    Permanently add your dietary restrictions and preferences to your profile, so your meal is prepared accordingly every time

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    No unpleasant surprises

    Choose what you actually want to eat, every time. Not what someone else assumes is what you’d like to have

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    No more late or missing lunches

    Contactless delivery by our own trained team members. Live support means we’re here to answer any questions and to make sure your lunch is made your way and delivered on time


What users say about us

So great to be able to select what you want to eat for lunch. The ordering process is so easy, the food arrives on time, fresh and tasty.

lisa profile

Lisa C.


Hungerhub has made ordering healthy office lunches for everyone extremely easy and the customer service live chat is always super quick to respond and help us with whatever it is that we need - they literally answer in seconds! I would highly recommend any office that wants a change from catering to try Hungerhub out!

vanessa profile

Vanessa O.


We use them daily for our office lunches. Food choices and quality are good; it was helpful to have restaurants we would order from anyway as part of the selection. Great customer services - very quick to respond

monika profile

Monika S.


This service is incredible! It makes lunch a lot easier to manage given that I can personally select my food choice and cater them to my specific needs/likes. It beats regular catering, especially if you have dietary restrictions and/or picky taste buds. Great idea! Couldn't be happier!

cara profile

Cara M.


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Bring Uncatering™ to your workplace

There’s a delicious lunch waiting for you in a bag with your name on it

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