Learn more about the better way of bringing food to your team

How does it work?


Create an account for your workplace and add your team members, so that they can benefit from placing orders on their own

Simple and easy to use interface allows you to manage your users. Set a daily, weekly or occasional budget for each team member. Use Uncatering for lunch, dinner or special events. The flexibility is yours.

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Team members individually log into their accounts to order their meals on the day, or up to a week in advance

They choose a restaurant, their item(s) from the full menu, and can specify any instructions like "No onions” or “dressing on the side”. They can go over their assigned budget by paying the extra balance with their credit card.

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All meals are delivered together, each in a sealed package with the person's name on it

Contactless delivery by hungerhub’s own team members and separate individual meals in easily identifiable packaging, meaning less headache for you and peace of mind for the rest of the team.

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Let’s cut to the chase, let’s set up a call

We know what you're thinking...

I know we can order until 10:30am on the same day, but can we cancel meals?

Yes! You can order lunch up until 10:30 on the day of delivery, and you can change, update or cancel your order up until that time too.

Is cutlery included with meals?

Disposable cutlery is discouraged and isn’t included unless you specifically request it.

How do I manage users and their subsidy?

Using our extremely simple and straightforward administrative tools to add/remove users. To designate a subsidy per employee, you can deposit a one-time credit or assign a recurring daily or weekly subsidy to each user, and yes - you can give different people different amounts!

How do you package your meals?

Restaurants package your meals in hungerhub branded paper bags that are sealed once your meal is in it. hungerhub bags are made in Canada from 100% recycled material and are biodegradable & compostable.

As an employer, how do I pay?

Whatever works for your company: credit cards, electronic money transfers and cheques can all be accepted to pay your company’s balance.

What are your fees? How much is delivery? And do you mark up prices?

We charge a nominal service fee that is based on your company size. Delivery is free: we believe meal budgets should go to better food, not spent on delivery fees. And no, we do not mark up our prices.

Do we have to sign a contract or are locked in for a length of time?

Never, we rely on our quality of service to keep you happy and to keep you coming back for more, not by pushing you into contracts you might eventually regret.

What if I have an issue with one of our meals or something is missing?

It’s on us to make sure you not only order, but also receive your meals, made to each person’s liking. Contact us on live chat and we’ll respond in seconds. We’ll never ask or expect you to have to deal with restaurants directly.

What happens if someone's subsidy is $15 and they want to buy a meal for $17?

They can charge the $2 to their credit card. They don’t have to let a couple of dollars come between them and the meal they actually want.